More pictures of St. Lucia.

The hits keep on comin'.  I am also WAY behind in my blogging so bear with me. Photos taken again by the amazing Risa Merl.

This is the dock at Marigot Bay. I grew up in New Mexico, so being on a boat isn't something that is second nature to me (read: dealing with sea sickness). Regardless, my new friends (all boating journalists) gave me crash course on boating.

We were only at Marigot Bay for one night and then moved to this villa at Cotton Bay. It literally looked like the Real World house- think Hamptons share but in St. Lucia and sicker digs.

A picture of our pool at Cotton Bay. The beach was two steps away.

Every morning I would get up at around 6:30 am to go running. Ok, yes on a typical day I DO get up early, but it would get so hot in St. Lucia by 7:00am you had no choice but to get up at the crack and get moving. Risa left this totally cute note for me- I would go running then come grab her for beach time.  On this particular morning, she motivated before I got back!

See that hill in the distance? Yeah, that's where I would go running. It was SO gorgeous but desolate. My paranoid self could not stop thinking about Natalie Holloway. I know, I know... I need to stop watching Law & Order...

The other hill I would go running up. My running playlist consisted of Peter Tosh, Grateful Dead and The Buena Vista Social Club.

Ha! Part of a real deal rocket booster from a space shuttle (not sure which one) fell into the ocean and washed up on the shore. So nuts.