Oh.My.God. Chanel, Prada AND Vuitton sample sale!!!

Can Hautelook.com get ANY better?? This Wednesday, the high end, hi-fi sample sale web site is hosting ANOTHER sale with Decades Two.  The merch. includes Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories!! Damn, where is my tax rebate check when I need it??


chanel-cs.jpg Peeps- I know what you must be thinking and it's not true. I don't spend my all of my time on discount web sites and shopping sample sales. I just get notified about them Every.Single.Day. Anyway, this week my friends over at Hautelook  insisted I check out the Love YAYA sale starting today (meaning January 15th) at 5 am pacific standard time. On January 16th and 17th, Hautelook is featuring Robert Rodriguez. Everything for that sale will be 75% off. AND later in February, Hautelook will be host a Decades sale (the best couture vintage)  featuring CHANEL. That's right. CHANEL. I almost passed out at my computer when I read that bit of info.

I swear I don't spend my ENTIRE day perusing sample sales.

miguelina.jpg (This dress is available on the hautelook.com members only Miguelina sample sale, but the only way you will know when it starts is if you sign up!! www.hautelook.com.)  

I just think this site is so worth your while! Hautelook.com is a new members only web site that alerts you to online sample sales by designers like Rock and Rebublic, Miguelina, and LaROK. Just last night I was tracking a black cropped fur jacket by Ya-Ya (for those of you that love Ya-Ya as much as I do, the sale ended last night). I have been OBSESSED with this jacket for an entire year now, and on Hautelook.com I found it for $200 down from $750. I was PSYCHED. The next sale is for Genetic denim on 1/08/08 so be sure to sign up! I'm waiting for the Robert Rodriguez sale which starts shortly after!!