Discuss: Steve & Barry's is going bankrupt!

Bye bye Bitten hello bankruptcy!

According to this WSJ article, Steve & Barry's is closing more than 100 of its stores and contemplating a full liquidation of its assets. I gotta be honest- last year I wanted to do a feature on Steve and Barry's for my old employer and when I did my research it seemed Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line was the last ditch effort to make this company really fly on the fashion side. The execs at the retailer insisted the reason why they were able to see an increase in revenues year over year was because they didn't spend any money on advertising- literally. The only reason why we are even talking about Steve and Barry's now is because of SJP's major media tour around her collection Bitten. They DID throw an amazing party for the launch of the collection! Maybe they should have saved that money and spent it more on paid adverts as opposed to wooing us editors...

lululemon logo: inspired by Gimme Shelter?

I am beat street. So instead of zooming all over town to meet friends tonight I decided to take advantage of the empty city and watch Gimme Shelter- my favorite movie EVER. Yes the music is amazing and the film itself rules, but I can not get enough of what Mick Jagger was wearing! Check out the shirt below.  Doesn't it kind of look like the lululemon logo but f-ing cooler? He paired it with a studded wide belt and tight side snap pants. I am SO re-creating this outfit for myself!!

Over it #1: Maxi dresses.



(Images from Yahoo)

Pretty girls but ugly and played out dresses. To those who think the "maxi dress" is the hot item for this season should check the archives from two seasons ago when they were actually the cool pretty thing to wear.  Short people (like me) should definitely not wear them it just looks stupid. 


Team SJP or team Olivier Theyskens?

Yes, I am pretty much done talking about Sex and the City but I do want to point out one thing- if Olivier Theyskens did indeed tell SJP this dress wasn't worn by anyone else prior to her wearing it, that means he and his team were and are dishonest. I don't really care if La Lohan or if a random New York socialte was wearing the dress before, the point is he wasn't truthful and that sucks.

Image from Wire Image

The best thing about SATC is Patricia Field.

Ok ok ok. My patience is definitely wearing thin on all the Sex and the City craziness, but there is one thing that still makes me happy about franchise and that is Patricia Field. Some may argue that her genius is what makes the movie and I would have to agree with them. Not only is Patricia Field the costume designer and stylist that put together all of those looks for Carrie Bradshaw and Co., she is also a fierce business woman. She came out with her own line of shoes for Payless all priced between $25-$35. AND she has plans for more brand extension abroad!! Just brilliant.

I think we were talking about her role as a stylist, retailer, business woman and entrepreneur. Oh yeah, and her role as "den papa" to all the kids at her store.


I don't know what we were laughing so hard at.

I saw these the night before at Payless and thought "why the hell am I thinking about buying Miu Miu heels when I can get these and look just as fab.???" Seriously ladies- the gold pair are to die for!

As I was walking into the party (which was right next door at Patricia Field's store) a crew wanted to interview me. The bag I was carrying is a clutch from the Patricia Field for Payless collection. Cute, right?

 * All images taken by the talented NAVDEEP SINGH DHILLON of nsd photography (www.nsdphotography.com)

Over it: Sex and the City


Is anyone else experiencing Sex and the City fatigue? I used to think the show was mildly entertaining and once the frenzy started taking over New York City a couple weeks ago I slowly started not to care as much. Now, the premiere is tomorrow, I have two major pieces due on the movie and a segment to do this week and I can't seem to get motivated to talk about Carrie's fashion statements. I also know what happens in the movie (e-mail me if you want to know too) so I am even more "whatevs." about it.  Everyone is having shoe buying parties or girl hour cocktail "get togethers" and all I want to do is watch ESPN's coverage of the French Open. is that normal for a fashion and retail expert?

My Bad.

IT takes a big person to admit they were wrong, but I'm here to tell you just that- I was wrong. In the Neil Lane Oscar post, I mentioned Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson and Sarah Polly were both wearing Neil Lane on the red carpet and it has come to my attention that wasn't true. They were in fact wearing Fred Leighton, another highly esteemed, incredibly talented celebrity jeweler. I trusted I was getting the correct information from a VERY reliable source about Neil Lane, I wrote about it and unfortunately it wasn't right.  Here is the comment that alerted me to my mistake:   From: [Redacted] | redacted@redacted.com

Sarah Polley was not wearing Neil Lane at the Oscars 2008. She was wearing Fred Leighton’s rose-cut diamond and sapphire pendant earrings, rose-cut diamond bracelet, 1940’s carved sapphire and ruby ring, and rose-cut diamond band. She was entirely in Fred Leighton’s jewels. This is confirmed. Also Dwayne Johnson was in Fred Leighton’s diamond and black enamel cufflinks and stud buttons. This is confirmed. Kindly correct the information on your site.

Thanks in advance for changing this -it’s important to be a reliable source of information.

 I agree- it is VERY important to be a reliable source of information and I completely appreciate the heads up and comment!

Neil Lane was all over the red carpet.

Celebrity  jeweler Neil Lane adorned a lot more than just three amazing celebs this past Sunday. In total, his jewels were on 18 stars!! Here is the complete list: Julie Christie, fashion icon and nominee dazzled in a customized stunning pink scarab necklace to go with her coral red dress.  Crafted by the one and only Neil Lane, this very valuable and standout necklace is a symbol of long life and has 31 iridescent individual scarab gems, and was worn with matching earrings made with gems, and set in 18 carat gold.Tween golden girl and presenter Miley Cyrus graced the Golden Globes in stunning Neil Lane garnet, diamond and gold drop earrings and Neil Lane gold and garnet ring.Presenter Jennifer Hudson donned a $2 million Neil Lane look.  The glam goddess wore a large wide diamond and platinum bracelet, a large white diamond and platinum cocktail bubble ring, long diamond and platinum chandelier Neil Lane earrings and a gorgeous diamond and platinum floral hair pin.

Diva Diane Lane wore Neil Lane’s white diamond and platinum stunning statement ring.

Producer Meghan O’Hara wore Neil Lane’s diamond and platinum stackable bracelets and Neil Lane signature diamond and platinum earrings.

E!’s host with the most Kat Sandler set the stage for style in Neil Lane’s famed darkened diamond and platinum ball bracelets and fabulous Neil Lane darkened diamond and platinum ball drop earrings.

Maya Rudolph’s Neil Lane baubles were as stand-out as her dress.  The actress wore diamond and platinum earrings and stackable diamond and platinum set Neil Lane bangles

Johnny Depp wore a set of Neil Lane’s gentleman cufflinks in rough diamonds and platinum.  

Daniel Day Lewis’ lovely wife Rebecca Miller wore vintage Neil Lane diamond and darkened platinum chandelier earrings and a beautiful Neil Lane diamond and platinum cocktail ring.

Summer Phoenix wore Neil Lane’s diamond and platinum dress clips, along with Neil Lane’s diamond and platinum stackable arm candy- bracelets and rings.

Lisa Rinna looked timeless in a fabulous pair of Neil Lane white diamond and platinum earrings, a white diamond and platinum wide bracelet and a Neil Lane diamond and platinum ring.

Samantha Harris wore incredible Neil Lane diamond and platinum bracelets, Neil Lane drop earrings and a Neil Lane diamond and platinum necklace.

Michelle Tuzee looked fabulous in diamond and platinum Neil Lane chandelier earrings, a diamond and platinum Neil Lane bracelet, and a Neil Lane statement ring.

Amanda Goldberg wore fabulous Neil Lane white and black diamond earrings.

It's Oscar time: Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta and Van Cleef & Arpels!!

Jennifer Garner rocked the Oscars in beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown and Van Cleef & Arpels  jewelry. Here is the complete list: From Van Cleef & Arpels’ Private Collection:

Circa 1928 Art Deco necklace in platinum set with round, baguette and marquise diamonds totaling 61 carats

Circa 1925 Art Deco bracelet in platinum set with marquise, square and round diamonds totaling 30 carats

From the Estate Collection:

Circa 1925 bracelet in platinum set with 26 carats of diamonds, onyx and sapphires

Clelia ring – inspired by the Notre Dame in Paris, approximately 6 carats of diamond set in 18K white gold

Diamond drop earrings inspired by the ballet “Swan Lake.”  13 carats of diamonds set in 18K white gold taking nearly 150 working hours to craft.

It's Oscar time!!

jennifer-hudson-avon.jpg And THANK GOD I am not in LA covering it. I did talk to my favorite celebrity jeweler Neil Lane about what to expect coming down the red carpet. This is what he had to say:

What we are going to see: "It's all about the 'power jewel' this season" says Lane. You are going to see people one really great, iconic piece as opposed to over layering."

On the value of having celebrities wear his jewels: "Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Drew Barrymore are the prettiest women in the world, so when they wear your jewels, you are going to see an increase in sales. One year Gwyneth Paltrow wore a McQueen dress with a black diamond necklace. The whole look was very dark and smoldering. Right after she was on the red carpet, I had a client from Indiana asking to buy that exact piece!"

Neil Lane will be adorning Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Julie Christie and Reese Witherspoon (for the parties) in his fabulous jewels!!

I swear she looked better in person.

jennifer-lopez.jpg This picture does not do Jennifer Lopez justice. When I interviewed her at the Marchesa presentation on Wednesday, she did look big (hello, she's having twins) but this Marchesa dress made her look luminescent and was way more A-line than it looks in this picture. She was flanked by her publicist, husband, Harvey Weinstein and designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. I overheard her saying she "feels good." I also overheard her tell Weinstein she is due in two weeks!!

A creative way to do Golden Globes fashion coverage.

people-magazine-julia-roberts-dress.jpg (According to People.com, these are two dresses Julia Roberts may have worn to the Golden Globes. The one on the left is Valentino, the one on the right is by Oscar de la Renta.)

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you know tonight's Golden Globes ceremony has been canceled due to the writer's strike. Boo. BUT, someone alerted me to this totally funny piece People.com did entitled "Golden Globes: The Dresses We Wish We'd Seen." I LOVE IT. If you can't actually COVER what the celebs are wearing on the red carpet, why not speculate what they might wear?? According to the People Magazine writers, Julia Roberts would wear something classic like a basic black, bias cut dress by Oscar de la Renta or Valentino. Keira Knightley would wear an ethereal piece by Chanel (naturally, she is the face of Chanel) or Rodarte.