Holiday gift giving.

My sister Shawna just sent me this card with a message that says, "The economy sucks, let's be practical." Love it. I actually made her and my other sister something for the holidays so does that mean SHE has to make me something too?  (PS, My God given talent is picking out the best gifts EVER for people even if it has to be DYI, so if you have questions, e-mail me!!)

On Fox Business today!!

I'm talking about malls and how they are one of the biggest losers in this recession we are in. But not because all of these other little stores are going out of business, it's because the larger retailers like JC Penny's can't get the traffic in!! AND no one wants to buy anything because gas is so expensive!! Why would I drive to the mall (if I lived in a mall market) when I could be saving that gas to go to work?? Tune in if you are near a TV- I go on at 2:50 pm EST! Also, thank you to everyone that wrote in with their "time management" suggestions- will post those a little later.

How to dress in a recession.

Last week got a little bananas, but I PROMISED to upload my points about how to dress in a recession from my segment on Fox Business and here they are (finally). FBN wanted me to do this segment as a reaction to piece written in USA Today. The author made the point how in a recession, people should buy more EXPENSIVE clothes instead of staying in their means and purchasing cheaper pieces because they last longer. Um, newsflash- that's just not true. Why would ANYONE spend money they don't have on discretionary items especially luxe goods like a $2,000 Gucci suit?? I think expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality, and if you: 1) Stick to the basics, like combining your old black or grey interview suit with a new cool accessory.

2) Adhere to the 80%,20% rule meaning 80% of your outfit is inexpensive and 20% is on the pricey side (for example, take that dress from H&M and wear it with a pair of Louboutins).

3) Tap into the past- it’s ok to wear clothes from last season, or even from decades ago!!!

On Fox Business today!!

Talking about what to wear in a recession (yep,  there IS a different way to dress) . That's right- we are in a recession. I don't care what the president or Ben Bernake says. Our capital markets are totally unstable and the worst is yet to come. On that happy note, I will try and load the video for those of you that don't get Fox Business!