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Who Wore it Better #Grammys 2014 version: Reem Acra cocktail...

Who Wore it Better #Grammys 2014 version: Reem Acra cocktail dress on Sara Bareilles (who I adore) after she sang a duet w/ Carole King or me, @hithaprabhakar? Discuss.

Everybody get Rowdy.

No, seriously. Dallas Austin's new-ish/re-launched collection "Rowdy" definitely makes you want to scream in good and bad ways. Rowdy is hitting stores just before the x-mas retail non rush and it's sort of forward thinking for someone whose roots aren't really in fashion. I spent a lot of time talking with Dallas about why he decided to re-launch Rowdy and why in the world he decided to open up a retail store when retail is suffering so badly and his response was "because my gut was telling me to do it." Okay.  While I'm not sure if opening a store and launching a collection is necessarily the best thing to do in this economic environment, I do admire Dallas for his drive and his unconventional way of doing things. Hello-he's a music and business genius! He must be doing something right.  Also, did you know his musical influences are mostly in rock and alternative? Think Bauhaus (shout out to Peter Murphy) The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy and of course Alice and Chains? I almost fell over when he told me that. This collection, according to Dallas embraces all of that. Hmm.

OK I know what you are thinking. How can this POSSIBLY encompass anything 120 minutes-esque? Well, to be honest it doesn't. But there is a sort of ZZ Top/"Diddy runs the City" look and feel to it. I liked it.

My personal favorite- men's underwear with a pocket for God knows what on them. I'll leave it up to your imaginations.

Sneakers with instructions on how to roll a "blunt" on the side (Mom, if you are reading this I will explain what a blunt is later.)

I kind of dig the lightning bolt t-shirts. I wonder if Dallas will let me design lightning bolt headbands for him...

Yay Dallas!

Yay Jen!!

A first for everything.

No one has ever written a press release with my name in it. Check it out: The Pussycat Dolls Go Bollywood Tonight at Fashion Rocks 2008 with Help From Desi Hits!   NEW YORK, N.Y., September 5, 2008 – Through the help of Desi Hits! (www.desihits.com) the Pussycat Dolls are highlighting the growing Desi phenomenon tonight at Fashion Rocks 2008 by strutting on the red carpet in traditional Indian sarees designed by Rocky S, a fashion designer who has carved a niche in the Indian fashion industry.  Desi Hits! has enlisted the help of fashion and retail expert Hitha Prabhakar to style the Pussycat Dolls.   "Fashion Week in New York is the perfect place to showcase Desi culture," says Rocky S. "By wearing traditional Indian dresses, the Pussycat Dolls are supporting Desi culture in front of all the bright lights at Fashion Rocks and reiterating once again that Hollywood is going Bollywood."    "Desi pop culture is quickly becoming an international phenomenon. Through our site Desi Hits! we are delivering key information about how Eastern music, fashion and entertainment are fusing with Western audiences," states Anjula Acharia-Bath, CEO of Desi Hits!, who along with her husband, Ranj Bath, have made this all possible.   Rocky S has made quite a name for himself in fashion in India. His ingeniously created designs were not only creatively applauded, but also changed the trend in the industry. He brought an age of revival and this time, the revival was making Desi clothing fashionable and a "must-have". After making a niche in the industry as well as a successful venture into the retailing forum, he launched his brand 'Rocky S'.    Fashion Rocks, the annual New York Fashion Week concert at Radio City Music Hall, will be hosted by Denis Leary this year and includes performances from the Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Chris Cornell, Duffy, Fergie, Kid Rock, Lil Wayne, One Republic, the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban and Solange.

Swanky earrings!

hilaryswank2.jpg Every night I peruse red carpet photos to check out what everyone is wearing. Tonight, I came across these pics of Hillary Swank at the premiere of "PS I Love You" in Hollywood last week. I am OBSESSED with the platinum, gold and diamond chandelier earrings she had on. They are made by Neil Lane, who designs really gorgeous pieces for totally wealthy people and celebrities (rumor has it, he is designing Nicole Richie's wedding ring- but again, that's just a RUMOR).  I spoke to Lane during the Oscars last year, and he told me gold as well as black onyx are going to be something we see a lot of on the red carpet in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. And these babies do not come cheap. The price is available upon request which is code for: if you have to ask you probably can't afford them in the first place!


Maggie Gyllenhaal is cool.

maggie-gyl.jpg  Not because she is a celebrity OR is married to a very cute celebrity. She's cool because she does not give a shit what her hair looks like! At the "There Will Be Blood" premiere last night, Gyllenhaal was wearing a totally sleek black dress with gold heel ankle boots but looked as if she forgot to do her hair. It was awesome!!! It's a look I try to rock often, because my hair is the worst to tame. What other celebs do the disheveled hair thing? Mary-Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker (circa 2001) and sometimes Nicole Richie.