And my birthday.

Those of you that know me well, know that I can't stand my own birthday. Not because I have an issue with getting older, I actually love the acquisition of wisdom that comes with each year. I just feel like it is an incredibly self indulgent day for unecessary reasons. But this birthday was different. I wanted the day to be dedicated to my close friends and family- The people that stuck by me when times were so tough this year I was just gonna give up and quit and when times were so amazing I couldn't believe it was really my life I was living. There are always ups and downs in life- God knows by now I've figured that out! But the people at my brunch (with the exception of few VIPs who were out of town traveling or had a scheduling conflicts) have been there for me NO MATTER WHAT.  I don't think I told them enough this year how much their friendship meant to me or how very proud I am to have such loyal, caring, inspiring, brilliant and most importantly HONEST people in my life. They make me want to be better and do better and my birthday was the day I celebrated them. And of course, you gotta love a bunch of friends that will let you be late to your own birthday brunch because you were doing a segment on Fox News at the same time!

Mark Pasetsky, former Editor-in-Chief of Life and Style magazine and current EIC of ALWAYS gives it to me straight. We are at times, each other's career compasses.

I love this picture of Ernest and Erica because 1) they look stunning and 2) Ern is my ex boyfriend from college and it makes me SO happy we are still so close after all of these years.

I wished for the same thing I wished for last year...

(pictures taken by the undeniably amazing Andrew Torrey)

Pictures from RKB's birthday party.

The incredibly talented Stacie Joy  (otherwise known as "the pixeltrix") just sent me these pictures from Rachel Kramer Bussel's birthday (prior to my trip to Zurich). I love these pictures for two reasons: 1) Stacie made us all look like well rested beauties and 2) I miss my super long hippie hair (Patrick cut it into a more professional TV 'do) and can't wait to grow my hair out again!

Doesn't Rachel look GORGEOUS here? Across from me is Twanna Hines, next to her is cupcake blogger extraordinaire Nichel and Cross Fit trainer and cupcake blogger Allison who completes the "Cupcakes Take the Cake" trifecta with RKB.

Of course you would expect a rainbow of cupcakes at a birthday party for a cupcake blogger! I think these were from Crumbs.

Smiles and A LOT of hair! Rachel with her friend from high school. He was so great!

I think Twanna is so awesome. I love her ability to say whatever she wants on subjects that make me blush and run into a corner hiding my face. Twanna, I need to channel more of your liberation into my life!

But, before I leave...happy birthday RKB!!

Happy Birthday RKB! Rachel Kramer Bussel is one of my closest friends and last night we celebrated her in the most Rachel way ever-- with close friends and a TON of cupcakes. I am so thankful to have such an amazing person in my life!