Pictures from RKB's birthday party.

The incredibly talented Stacie Joy  (otherwise known as "the pixeltrix") just sent me these pictures from Rachel Kramer Bussel's birthday (prior to my trip to Zurich). I love these pictures for two reasons: 1) Stacie made us all look like well rested beauties and 2) I miss my super long hippie hair (Patrick cut it into a more professional TV 'do) and can't wait to grow my hair out again!

Doesn't Rachel look GORGEOUS here? Across from me is Twanna Hines, next to her is cupcake blogger extraordinaire Nichel and Cross Fit trainer and cupcake blogger Allison who completes the "Cupcakes Take the Cake" trifecta with RKB.

Of course you would expect a rainbow of cupcakes at a birthday party for a cupcake blogger! I think these were from Crumbs.

Smiles and A LOT of hair! Rachel with her friend from high school. He was so great!

I think Twanna is so awesome. I love her ability to say whatever she wants on subjects that make me blush and run into a corner hiding my face. Twanna, I need to channel more of your liberation into my life!