I'm back... (back in the NY groove).

Hi everyone.

Suffice it to say I've taken a long break from this blog.  But for good reason-- my first book is coming out in August of 2011(published by FT Press) and I finally turned in the first draft. It was a long and arduous process that took me to far away lands and experiences I only thought existed in the movies, but I did it.  And when I mean "I"  what I really mean is "we" since I had a killer research assistant, a great office assistant and an incredible editor. My team = beyond awesome.

Even with all of the help, writing a book and trying to blog at the same time wasn't going to happen.  But now that the first draft is behind me, I am ready to focus on all things retail and the business of fashion. Excited? I am! As always, I welcome your questions and comments on basically everything. Just no questions on the weather. My guess is as good as yours...