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I'm so saree.

Yeah, I know I've been a little MIA but it's all for a good reason. My good friends at Desi Hits! asked me to style the Pussy Cat Dolls for Fashion Rocks. We put them in sarees done by the amazing (and now a good friend of mine) designer Rocky S. The event was tonight and I am completely beat street- but SO happy. Tonight reminded me why I should never, ever complain about my job. Here is what they looked like on the red carpet:


Wow. It's one of those rare Monday nights where I am not zooming around town, I'm not on a conference call or in in some low lit room writing a piece. Instead, I'm at home, on my couch and watching Gossip Girl. This show is unbelieveably indulgent. I feel like I am eating a really great dessert that's so bad for me AND loving it!!!

Class act- Ellen Pompeo


Yesterday I was at Rag & Bone and  met Ellen Pompeo. Can I just say how so totally nice she was? She was wearing a grey shift dress with tights and was sitting next to her husband in the front row. What I liked about her is that she seemed very down to earth, didn't take fashion too seriously and seemed SO happy to be there. Really refreshing.