A million bucks by 30.

a-mil-by-30.jpg I met the author of this book "A Million Bucks by 30: How to Overcome a Crap Job, Stingy Parents, and a Useless Degree to Become a Millionaire Before (or After) Turning Thirty" the other day in the greenroom at Fox Business and I can't stop thinking about him. No, it's not like that. Yes Alan Corey is very cute, but he said something simple that really resonated with me. First of all, this guy is not a dorky hedge fund guy or investment banker- he was making $40,000 a year for seven years. He didn't take any hand outs from his parents. He worked a 9-5 job that he hated. He lived in a totally banal place. Does this sound familar??  AND he was still able to somehow acquire seven figures in his bank account. Wtf?? We (there were others in the green room with me) asked him how he was able to swing it, and he said "by living below my means." OK, this is EXACTLY what my ex-boyfriend has always tried to get me to do for the past six years and while I have definitely improved my cost cutting measures, I still have a LONG WAY TO GO (If you are reading this ex- boyfriend, please refrain from laughing). My friends who work in the industry say it's near impossible to live in New York, look fabulous and save, but I don't think that's an excuse anymore. We can do this peeps- and we should start by reading Corey's book.

The worst book ever.

Eat,Pray,Love If you haven't noticed, I don't really sleep. So instead of making a midnight snack, I am forcing myself to read Eat,Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wow this book is horrible. It should be called Whine, Preach, Settle!! Not only does her message suck I LOATHE her voice. I thought this book had exciting stories about overcoming obstacles and travel around the world!! It's super boring!!