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zink-mag-feb.jpg This is from a super cute blog called myemptycloset.blogspot.com out of Canada:

 Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the dark side of flower power

"sitting on the bus today, on the way from an internship i managed to snag at naked eye to school** i was flipping through zink and was left feeling slightly off kilter after reading the current issue's fashion section. i've been so focused on all the flowery patterns and full skirts making the rounds for spring that when i read hitha prabhakar's take on things i was not prepared for what she had to say. i love that. it made me love zink that much more.

outlined in the article were ideas lust, but not the kind of lust one might assume. a lust to be punished, to inflict pain on oneself and to venture into the darker areas of your mind. how in the world was this deduced from flowers and patterns and full skirts? while i know it could just be me, that i just completely missed the boat, i am also thinking that maybe hitha prabhakar picked up on something others were happy to leave alone. these are the days of war and recession after all. it's understandable that people put more emphasis on ideas of happy prints and flower power than on potential impending doom and destruction."

Funny. When I wrote this piece, I was sure I wasn't making any sense at all! Check out all of my doom and gloom rant on spring trends in the Feb. issue of Zink magazine.