Zurich to NYC.

Why, oh why couldn't Swiss Air just route me through London to NYC?  This was my re-occuring thought before, during and after my flight back to Zurich. By the time I got to the Swiss Air terminal to catch my flight home I looked and was a train wreck after five straight days of no sleep and a CRAZY schedule. How do these execs. go globe trotting for weeks at a time?? Bananas! PS, Thank GOD for the Swiss Air lounge. I took over two couches, had five newspapers all around me and was typing away crazy e-mails to Liz Vap while laying down. It was PERFECTION.

The stairs to the Swiss Air lounge. Just. One. Escalator. Away.

Homeward bound. Finally.

Terminal 5.

No surprise here. Our night out in London, ended with me getting three hours of sleep and a super awake Paul driving me to Heathrow to catch my flight back to Zurich. At this point I was BEYOND exhausted, totally intolerant and all I wanted was to crash on the couches in the Swiss Air lounge. BUT THEN, I saw the shops at the British Airways Terminal 5. You've seen the commericals and WOW WOW WOW did this place look like the Time Warner Center. But better. Waay better. Unreal.

This is the Harrods duty free makeup and beauty section and fyi, this picture was taken at 6am in the morning...

Just in case you feel like purchasing a Dior handbag before breakfast...

Or a pair of Prada boots...

Night out in London.

My cousins took me to an amazing party that Saturday night. I met the London correspondent for Vanity Fair and another writer for Brides magazine living in London as well. It was SO MUCH FUN but peeps I was at this point, ready to pass out on the dance floor. Instead, Ani lent me her shoulder (btw, that's not Ani's real hair btw, it was a wig).

Did someone say food?? I have a rule to not eat anything past 8 pm, but Paul and Kavi INSISTED we get a bagel in the east end, and you know what? These bagels were f-ing fantastic. I channeled Anthony Bourdain and took a small bite of Paul's (he had a plain bagel with salted beef) P.S. when did the east end of London start looking like Williamsburg??? It was a little creepy.

Making the bagels (at 2am)....

More evidence that the east end is TOTALLY Williamsburg. I wonder if this shop really rocks...  

From Zurich to London.

The next morning after the fashion show, I got on a flight to London to visit my family. I was only going to be there for 36 hours, but the last time I was in London was YEARS ago and I really wanted to see my cousins.

This is my little cousin Ani and her sister's boyfriend Paul. After I met Kenya for lunch, I got a blow out at Top Shop (yes, I said Top Shop in Oxford Circus! 20 quid and it was awesome. Video TK), met Paul back at his office and then we all rolled out for drinks.

Ani and I after glass of wine #2 waiting for her sister Kavi and our other cousins Sangeeth and Naren to arrive. I know, I know... I'm lookin' a little rough at this point. No makeup, 4 hours of sleep for the past four days and bad face wash does not = hot pictures.

Yay Kavi!!!

Reunited and it feels so good!! I am trying to keep it REAL here, but oh. my. god. was I EXHAUSTED. Next stop, Koi for dinner then BED.


I've been a *little* delinquent in uploading the pictures documenting my life for the past three weeks and for that I sincerely apologize- I just didn't think they were that interesting! But I'm looking through them now and laughing to myself thinking about how insane (in a good way) the past four weeks have been. Here it goes...

Zurich wasn't all about fashion, even though I spend a good 36 hours immersed in it while I was there. The first day, Syl and I went for a walk. I forgot my face wash, and after an all night flight my face was SCREAMING for cleaner. This is the main train station near our hotel where the Pharmacie was.  


Another view from our walk. Pretty, right?

On the way we found this random Dim Sum take out. We didn't get any, but hello- awesome!

Syl found these goofy scissors in the beauty section. Suggested retail price: 44 Swiss Francs. WTF?? P.S. I did find face wash- the cheapest one I could get was 7 Swiss Francs and totally wrecked my skin.

You know those girls that are OBSESSED with eating chocolate? Yeah, that's not me. So you can imagine the shock to my system when I a) saw this store, and b) was given chocolate literally for every meal. Ack.

I did indulge in these totally delish crepes we got in the main train station. Notice the drizzle of chocolate on them. So much for the Skinny Bitch diet on this trip...

On my way to Zurich.

To be a judge in the Swiss Textiles Award ceremony. I was thinking about how a year ago today, if someone had told me I would be sitting on a panel with Patricia Field (along with other esteemed fashion luminaries) judging designers I never would have believed them. Crazy what can happen in a year. I adore Pat and can't wait to see her soon!