Like a goddess.

Whoa look at Heidi Klum's costume!!! She dressed up as the Hindu goddess Kali, destroyer of all things evil at her annual costume party (I was going to go and decided to hit Kim's instead and THANK GOD too- my stupid costume would have paled in comparison to the the insanity at HK's). I. LOVE. IT.

Vintage Halloween.

We used to get SO into Halloween years ago. This was from 2003 at Ross's infamous Halloween party. Leah, Trisha, Karen and Scott all went as glam rockers. Atlantis and I were the groupies and got most of our costume from H&M (I worked in corporate back then- anything that was not JCrew or Brooks was WAY edgy). Funny to think I now actually shop at H&M for non-costume-y wear.

A rare night out- and on a budget!

For those of you who know me well, you know I hardly EVER go out on the weekends and rage. Halloween night was no acception- I was home well before 12 am! I did however, go to an amazing party at Kim's. It was so my speed- close friends, yummy food, good music AND none of us spent a fortune on our costumes. What more could you want??

In the cab on the way to Kim's. I'm was feeling a little beat street, but SO excited to see everyone!

Peter (who INSISTED I did not take any pictures of him) brought his new friend Stacia out with us. She is awesome!

No that's not a sun hat on Mike's head that's a hat from Chinatown and he rocked it perfectly. Total cost of his outfit $20.

Costume courtesy of American Apparel. I think it's more Rainbow Brite and less 80's Jazzercise instructor. I bought the leg warmers and cheezy tights but owned everything else including the gold headband, my gold Patricia Field for Payless heels (which you can't see), and my gold bathing suit bottoms which I have on (yes, I do go swimming in that bathing suit). Total cost of my outfit: $31. See that slice of hotness in a kimono in the background? That's Kim! Total cost of her geisha girl costume was well under $50. Chinatown find, baby!

I love this picture of Patrick!

I think Patrick told me his boyscout outfit cost less than $15.