How many hoodies can a Facebook IPO buy?

A LOT according to Bloomberg News.  Recent info. suggests Morgan Stanley (IPO underwriter) allegedly hid weakened growth forecasts from investors, making the $104 billion original valuation significantly less.  In real people terms, that means Morgan Stanley may have made Facebook seem more valuable than it is.  That didn't prevent Mark Zuckerberg from dumping 30.2 million shares and profiting (before taxes) $1.13 billion.  If The Zuck wanted to take a page from the Steve Jobs playbook,  could buy close to 8.7 million Betabrand pinstripe hybrid hoodies. OR he could buy 325,000 more of the custom made hoodie he always wears which are going for $4,000 on eBay last time I checked. OR he can just upgrade his wardrobe like we suggest here in this Reuters TV video:

Whatever he does, here's hoping  he doesn't take his fashion cues from the dudes on the Edison, NJ train. The programmer uniform of pleated front khakis and a short sleeve polo shirt is just bad. Sorry fellas.