#JustMillennialThings: Lingerie as Office Attire

Yesterday I had a great time discussing Victoria's Secret's latest ad campaign, which features lingerie being worn as regular clothing—specifically office clothing, paired with blazers and pantsuits. Some would consider that controversial, but as I pointed out, Victoria's Secret is catered to millennials, who in turn look to icons like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner for sartorial advice. Are we really that shocked to see Victoria's Secret cashing in on the Kardashian trend? Younger generations will continue to push the fashion envelope whether it's "controversial" or not, and since Victoria's Secret profited immensely from this campaign, who are we to judge? 

Victoria's Secret: Not bringing sexy back?

gisele-ipex.jpg (Gisele in an Ipex bra-- and guess what peeps? She's still sexy!)  

On Thursday Victoria's Secret announced on an earnings call that the company will tone down the racey ads, windows even catalogues to appeal less to the men out there and more to the ladies. Translation: the company's market share is down and they need to focus/infiltrate a different side of the lingerie industry. A lot of media outlets have been reporting how difficult this is going to be for the brand- and I agree- if they were going for a complete overhaul. But spokesperson for the company the brand told me on Thursday (before I went on air) they will never really break from it's "sexy" branding.

 Even if they decide to start to focus on more staple products like the Ipex Bra, (probably the LEAST SEXY but totally effective bra on the market right now) or Pink by Victoria's Secret, (wildly popular with the college demo.) scantily dressed skinny pretty models are still going to be hot. I don't know what everyone is worried about.