#JustMillennialThings: Lingerie as Office Attire

Yesterday I had a great time discussing Victoria's Secret's latest ad campaign, which features lingerie being worn as regular clothing—specifically office clothing, paired with blazers and pantsuits. Some would consider that controversial, but as I pointed out, Victoria's Secret is catered to millennials, who in turn look to icons like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner for sartorial advice. Are we really that shocked to see Victoria's Secret cashing in on the Kardashian trend? Younger generations will continue to push the fashion envelope whether it's "controversial" or not, and since Victoria's Secret profited immensely from this campaign, who are we to judge? 

#TBT The Hurricane that Wasn't

Last weekend, we all braced ourselves for the impact of Hermine—an impact that turned out to be, well, beautiful skies and incredible weather here in New York! Before it hit, I was invited to Fox News to discuss the potential economic impact the storm would have on Labor Day Weekend. As it’s often a weekend filled with outdoor activities, back-to-school shopping, and general spending, being trapped inside during possibly dangerous weather could detract from those purchases. On the flip side, in regions around Florida, companies like Home Depot and grocery stores would experience a boom of spending by people looking to batten down the hatches.

Black Friday 2012 TV + Radio schedule

Whenever I have a TV or radio appearance the first thing I hear is this: "Why didn't you tell me? I would have tuned in!" This is mostly from family members who don't follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest + refuse to use e-mail or cell phones. So to make life easier (and to spare you the incessant twittering + facebook updates/calls/smoke signals asking you to tune in), here is my schedule of appearances for the week which is taken from my weekly email to a group of tech savvy close friends and family. I hope you get a chance to watch and as always feel free to join the Black Friday discussion by emailing me or sending me a note on Facebook/Twitter. Or better yet, go analog and CALL ME. Sheesh. Wednesday November 21nd @ 11:30 am ET on MSNBC: Pre-Black Friday- what you need to know, what numbers is the National Retail Federation expecting for online and offline sales AND what is going on with that Wal-mart labor dispute?

Thursday November 22nd @ 7:00am ET on MSNBC: Cyber Monday- with so many retailers trying to take market share away from Amazon, how much to online sales really count? What can we expect for post Black Friday?

Friday November 23rd @ 5:30 am ET on CBS WOR 710 AM talk radio: Black Friday? More like "Black Quarter." Why retailers feel the need to start promotions in October and will that help sales?

THEN @7:15 am ET on FOX 5 Good Day NY: Mobile shopping and Black Friday: The best apps to use while trolling through the stores.

AND RIGHT AFTER THAT HIT: @ 8:30 am ET on MSNBC: Black Friday- how much are "Fiscal Cliff" and Super Storm Sandy fallout going to have an impact on shopping and consumer sentiment looking forward?

Saturday November 24th @7:20 am ET and 1:20pm ET on MSNBC: "3 Big Money Headlines." Can you guess what we are going to talk about? Black Friday, housing starts and $AAPL stock volatility.

It's true! No one really sleeps in New York City!

Including me during fashion week. I was just looking at my calendar in the last eight days I covered 33 shows, did 15 designer interviews, 10 celebrity interviews, had 9 outfit changes, 5 blow outs,  was quoted 4 times as a "fashion and retail expert" (only one interview made it to print), went to 3 after parties, was on TV twice and had one panic attack. Total hours slept for the past 8 days? About 24...