In pictures: St. Lucia.

There really isn't much for me to say other than I can't believe I was here just one week ago... *sigh* (pictures by the amazing Risa Merl)

Yeah, that's not a postcard. That was our view of the Pitons from Jade Mountain, one of the most unbelievable five star resorts in St. Lucia.

This is the BEDROOM at Jade Mountain. Notice it's missing the fourth wall so you can get direct ocean breeze while you are sleeping.

Another view of the beautiful ocean from Jade Mountain.

My Skinny Bitch lifestyle was put on temporary hiatus so I could eat my face off for three days and not worry about it. I do think this dessert (a chocolate mousse in a coconut) is organic...

I didn't want to be a complete sloth all weekend, so I got my excersise on by swimming, running and walking every day. This is a picture of beach we swam to while the boat was anchored in the ocean.

Speaking of boats, just one of our rides for the weekend. Pretty sweet.