Only in NYC.

[redacted] (11:19:40 AM): oh my god
[redacted](11:19:51 AM): there is a hipster guy outside my place
[redacted] (11:19:58 AM): smoking body
[redacted] (11:20:01 AM): with just pants on
[redacted](11:20:04 AM): screaming
[redacted] (11:20:15 AM): yelling at his girlfriend
 (11:20:19 AM): on something
Hitha(11:20:33 AM): what??
Hitha (11:20:34 AM): omg
Hitha (11:20:39 AM): what was he saying? was he freaking out?
[redacted] (11:20:57 AM): yeah
[redacted](11:21:03 AM): i was about to call the police
[redacted] (11:21:06 AM): but he is attractive