The set up.

[Redacted]: OMG he is SO cute why didn't you set me up with him before?? Hitha: To be honest, I never thought you were into those hipster guys and I always thought he was a little too grungy.

[Redacted]: ARE YOU NUTS??

Hitha: Well, he did tell me he dated [redacted] the fashion director of [redacted] magazine.

[Redacted]: STOP IT.

Hitha: Yeah, his stock price rose considerably once I heard that bit of info.

Only in NYC.

[redacted] (11:19:40 AM): oh my god
[redacted](11:19:51 AM): there is a hipster guy outside my place
[redacted] (11:19:58 AM): smoking body
[redacted] (11:20:01 AM): with just pants on
[redacted](11:20:04 AM): screaming
[redacted] (11:20:15 AM): yelling at his girlfriend
 (11:20:19 AM): on something
Hitha(11:20:33 AM): what??
Hitha (11:20:34 AM): omg
Hitha (11:20:39 AM): what was he saying? was he freaking out?
[redacted] (11:20:57 AM): yeah
[redacted](11:21:03 AM): i was about to call the police
[redacted] (11:21:06 AM): but he is attractive



OK, ok ok. I got several e-mails (some of them civil and others not so nice) about the virtues of living in Williamsburg. Here's the thing peeps- I wasn't saying EVERYONE who lives in Williamsburg is a) an obnoxious hipster or b) is experiencing "revenge of the nerds" syndrome. I was just pointing out how dumb pageants are especially ones that make cute little emo guys parade around! A friend was just telling me how cool it is to live there (since I've only been there three times in the 10 years I've lived in Manhattan) and he is the BEST.  I'm no hater... well, unless we are talking about annoying things like pageants in NYC/BK/BX 'hoods!

Polygamist's have style too!

OK maybe it's not something you and I would wear, but the AP is reporting those modest parie skirts, puff sleeve pastel dresses and poofy hair dos we've been seeing ALL OVER THE NEWS have roots in the 19th century and also the 1950s. This conformist way of dressing is to ensure these ladies are unattractive to the outside world or other men.  But what happens when this stuff goes mainstream?? I am expecting to see a bunch of hipsters rockin' this look very soon... in an ironic way of course...