Lessons from LVMH.

Last Thursday I was on Fox Business talking about what a mistake Cartier was making by having a MySpace page. Yeah, they may have 3,000 + friends but the branding is all wrong (they should have just stuck to ads on A Small World), they are essentially dilluting the brand (MySpace = mass, Cartier = heritage and prestige) and a MySpace strategy now is about three years too late.  Well, my position wasn't really liked by a lot of people. In fact, I got some pretty rude e-mails. BUT to my point, I came across this piece in Women's Wear Daily  about how LVMH finally reached an intellectual property settlement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment in the amount of 154,000 Euros. For those of you not in the loop, LVMH felt that artists like Britney Spears, Ruben Studdard and Da Brat were using unauthorized images of the Toile Monogram and Multicolore in their CDs and videos, so they took action and filed a law suit. Freakin' genius. Way to regulate on the brand control. If I were LVMH I wouldn't want just any lo-fi celebrity endorsing Vuitton as well! Cartier, take note.