Discuss: Men in tights.

A friend of mine told me he was watched "Iron Man" this weekend and loved it. THEN I came across this piece in The Independent about the recent fashion trend of men wearing tights sparked by superhero movies. OK, my friend is probably one of the best dressed guys I know and is definitely NOT the type to start sporting spandex anything EVER much less a pair of tights for men, BUT it did get me wondering especially since Calvin Klein sent men in tights down the runway three seasons ago. Has something that had dudes in a tizzy a year ago resurfaced??

Guys: would you wear tights even if all of your friends started wearing them and said it was cool? Ok, let's take wearing them out in public out of the equation- would you even wear them to the gym?

Ladies: would you ever hang out with a guy in tights? On a personal note, I've hung out with some eccentric dudes in my life, but I don't think I could go there...