Cessnas are scary...until now!!

But I flew on one Wednesday morning for a lunch at The Surf Lodge in Montauk. I won't lie, when I first got on the flight I was beside myself with fear. But seeing the views and having one of the most beautiful days EVER out on the north shore was so worth the ride. Vogue was having a shoot with designer Tracey Feith while we were eating lunch made by Sam The Surf Lodge's incredible chef. Thanks to V1 Jets for taking us out there!

The view at take off. We are in the East river in NYC.


Arthur Ashe stadium from the air.

The deck at The Surf Lodge. I swear we were working and not just hanging out!!

Sam's incredible lunch of lobster salad sandwich, fava bean and lemon grass salad a crab ceviche with blueberries and popcorn.

The flight we took back to NYC. This is at the airport in Montauk. I was of course beyond frightened, but the ride back was less bumpy. Maybe I just got used to it...