Since we are on the subject of travel... are probably wondering where the hell I've been the last two weeks.  Two words: On vacation.  I had to take advantage of the time I had off before things got totally insane again, so I went to New Mexico and breathed for a minute. There were so many awesome things about being home, but my favorite was seeing one of my closest friends from growing up. She lives in Oakland, CA and like me, has the craziest schedule ever. But we somehow were able to coordinate ourselves and had an amazing time just laying low. So, for all of you who are overworked and overwhelmed I reccommend taking a trip to a place where you can totally unplug. It does a body good.  

There are some beautiful places on this earth and I am happy to say I grew up in one of those places. This was taken at 8:00 am as I was leaving to get groceries at Whole Foods for one of our numerous pool parties. Yes the sun was really that bright and clear.

At one point my sister and I went to visit our aunt, uncle and cousin in Los Alamos. This was taken on our drive back from Santa Fe to Albuquerque.  Look at that sky!


Yep that's a genuine smile on my face. No makeup. No pretense. Just happy to be chillaxing.