How much money did #givingtuesday actually raise and should we care?

The answer is an very loud YES. Here is the deal: in 2015 the hashtag #givingtuesday raised close to $117 million in 2015 and that is just from online donations. The tally isn't in yet for 2016, but research is showing charities using the #GivingTuesday to raise funds, will surpass what they raised last year. Most Americans (62 percent) plan to donate more this holiday season, according to a study done by PayPal. And these donations are done on the go- 45 percent of donations were made via mobile devices which include cell phones, iPads and Blackberries (for those in the dark ages and still using them). And who were the most generous consumers when it came to charitable giving? Young Boomers were! On average, Baby Boomers betwee the ages of 55-65 planned on making donations of around $416. Millennials and Gen Xers on average gave $245 and $230.  

Maybe it has something to do with the current political state of the country, but people are feeling the need to give back. This will hopefully be an upward trajectory in the next decade.