The Style File Daily Cheat Sheet

Yes the cheat sheet is going out a little late today (only because we have that pesky thing called college graduation throwing a wrench in everything- just kidding Megs VERY proud of you), but better late than never right? Besides, nothing makes me more happy than reading fashion news headlines on a Monday morning-- it's like the beginning of a whole new drama called "welcome to work." I love it.

What goes up, must come down. H&M profits fall in April. We knew this was inevitably going to happen. H&M the world's third largest fashion chain saw same store sales drop by 6%, which was better than what analysts had expected at 7.7% in stores opened longer than a year. (Wall Street Journal)

Bump up the Jam. The show, Jersey Shore has risen to new heights and I'm not taking about ratings or the size of those steroid induced guns those overly tanned guys show off on the show. the "Snooki Pouf" is now manifesting itself on the runways of Paris where Nina Ricci, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld featured the half up/half down 'do on the runways in March and Tina Fey in "Date Night" (a movie I JUST saw) also rocked a messy version of it. Isn't it true that if something happens in threes it's a trend? (NY Post)

Shanghai sets the stage for luxury. It's no joke- China is literally taking over the world ESPECIALLY when it comes to luxury items. The growing wealthy class have an insatiable appetite for all things luxe and designers as well as other luxury goods brands are positioning themselves to reap the benefits. For example, John Galiano decided to show his resort collection in Shangahai over the weekend because, “[China is an] emerging market and a big player in the field and very thirsty to understand couture, craftsmanship and the savoir faire Français.” Well said, G-Rock. (WWD).

"Oh, oops. Is this the party I so rudely snagged you away from?" I didn't ask this question, but was certainly thinking it when I saw this post on's blog. I realized this was THE SAME PARTY (Amy Sacco's annual Free Arts NYC benefit auction) my Someone Awesome was attending when I demanded he come over with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and listen to me kvetch about how crap my life is. PS, don't you think everyone's allowed one day of self loathing? PPS, how great is S.A. for ditching this party and coming to my rescue? A true knight in shining Adidas indeed. Yay. (