Live from Times Square...

I have to get on a flight tomorrow morning to Atlanta- hence the reason why I am not in D.C. rocking  it out at some ball right now. Despite my totally insane shoot/travel schedule, I wanted a story to tell about my future kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids, etc.,  instead of the "Yep, I was busy so I watched Obama on CNN in my apt" situation. So one of my best friends Joy and I ran to Times Square to watch the president take the oath. Here are the pictures taken by the amazing Joy Sohn: hitha-in-times-square3

Watching the screen and listening to the president take the oath. Most of you are fully in the loop of my political views. Despite that, it was hard not to be excited about bearing witness to history.


A Brazilian TV crew had the camera on me for about five minutes. This is me telling them I am a journalist and to please stop. "I always feel like, someone is watching me. Tell me is it just a dream?"


My favorite picture from today. I love it.