From Zurich to London.

The next morning after the fashion show, I got on a flight to London to visit my family. I was only going to be there for 36 hours, but the last time I was in London was YEARS ago and I really wanted to see my cousins.

This is my little cousin Ani and her sister's boyfriend Paul. After I met Kenya for lunch, I got a blow out at Top Shop (yes, I said Top Shop in Oxford Circus! 20 quid and it was awesome. Video TK), met Paul back at his office and then we all rolled out for drinks.

Ani and I after glass of wine #2 waiting for her sister Kavi and our other cousins Sangeeth and Naren to arrive. I know, I know... I'm lookin' a little rough at this point. No makeup, 4 hours of sleep for the past four days and bad face wash does not = hot pictures.

Yay Kavi!!!

Reunited and it feels so good!! I am trying to keep it REAL here, but oh. my. god. was I EXHAUSTED. Next stop, Koi for dinner then BED.