Night of Stella.

The Swiss Textile award show was named "Stella." After a looong day of trying to figure out who was going to get the award, we cleaned up and hit the presentation and ceremony.

From left to right, Diane Pernet, me, Hiromi Ushigome, and Patricia Field. Diane and I met the first night when we shared a cab with Stefano Roncato and Marianne Castier. We had the most profound discussion about living in Paris and that was when I realized what a true original she is. I know SO MANY PEOPLE in fashion that just... aren't.

This was taken right before the organizers yelled at me for stepping on the runway with my heels. Oops!

Syl Tang and I were friends before this trip, but I think Zurich solidified our friendship. Syl always has THE BEST accessories.