Because close friends always make it better.

 I had hands down one of THE WORST days ever last Wednesday. What could have gone wrong, went beyond wrong. I was exhausted. Frustrated. I lost my personality, AND I just wanted to give up and run far away from it all. You know me!! The words "I give up" do not exist in my vocab! I was in a sorry state. But then I saw Andrew, Mark, and Joseph at the "My It Things" fashion show (I was a judge) and things looked a little brighter. There are a few select people that I can truly say are in the "inner circle of Hitha" and these three definitely included in that group. I am so incredibly lucky to have such awesome people around me always.

Andrew, me and Joseph (from left to right). Aren't they adorbs???


The super HOT Mark Pasetsky. I loved his outfit.