Typical night.

Yeah... if you've been out with me in the last year or so you know I am never on time. It's a problem andI am trying to fix it. Last Friday was no different. I went to go meet my friend for dinner and I was 35 minutes late. Ugh. I can see where people would think it was a personal "f--- you" and totally disrespectful of their time, but I want everyone to know that's not my intention at all! Some people smoke, drink, do drugs, cheat on their significant others. I'm always late. And I swear I am trying to change!!  

Whoa the cab was windy.

I think TV in the back of cabs is kind of genius. BUT it makes me ill to watch TV and drive at the same time. I always turn it off.

We were going 75 MPH down 5th ave!!