The best thing about SATC is Patricia Field.

Ok ok ok. My patience is definitely wearing thin on all the Sex and the City craziness, but there is one thing that still makes me happy about franchise and that is Patricia Field. Some may argue that her genius is what makes the movie and I would have to agree with them. Not only is Patricia Field the costume designer and stylist that put together all of those looks for Carrie Bradshaw and Co., she is also a fierce business woman. She came out with her own line of shoes for Payless all priced between $25-$35. AND she has plans for more brand extension abroad!! Just brilliant.

I think we were talking about her role as a stylist, retailer, business woman and entrepreneur. Oh yeah, and her role as "den papa" to all the kids at her store.


I don't know what we were laughing so hard at.

I saw these the night before at Payless and thought "why the hell am I thinking about buying Miu Miu heels when I can get these and look just as fab.???" Seriously ladies- the gold pair are to die for!

As I was walking into the party (which was right next door at Patricia Field's store) a crew wanted to interview me. The bag I was carrying is a clutch from the Patricia Field for Payless collection. Cute, right?

 * All images taken by the talented NAVDEEP SINGH DHILLON of nsd photography (