Bear Stearns for sale!!

So we all know about the Bear Stearns debacle that almost brought down our entire economy but did you all know I used to work at Bear Stearns? What's more, I hears a lot of ex employees have been putting their stuff up on eBay, which got me thinking- how much could I get for my old Bear Stearns swag?? For those of you who have had the pleasure of traveling with me, you know I pack VERY lightly and put everything in a Bear Stearns tote bag. I would never give this up, but in a pinch I bet I could get at least $100 for it.

My Bear Stearns tote bag


I am an obsessive list maker and usually put these lists on my refrigerator door as reminders. Traders would always execute their buys and sells via the computer, but the Bear Stearns supply room had these old school "Buy" and "Sell" tickets that were perfect for scratch paper or reminder lists. Notice these are from the block desk!! I bet I could get at least $25 for a package of eight...