How to dress in a recession.

Last week got a little bananas, but I PROMISED to upload my points about how to dress in a recession from my segment on Fox Business and here they are (finally). FBN wanted me to do this segment as a reaction to piece written in USA Today. The author made the point how in a recession, people should buy more EXPENSIVE clothes instead of staying in their means and purchasing cheaper pieces because they last longer. Um, newsflash- that's just not true. Why would ANYONE spend money they don't have on discretionary items especially luxe goods like a $2,000 Gucci suit?? I think expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality, and if you: 1) Stick to the basics, like combining your old black or grey interview suit with a new cool accessory.

2) Adhere to the 80%,20% rule meaning 80% of your outfit is inexpensive and 20% is on the pricey side (for example, take that dress from H&M and wear it with a pair of Louboutins).

3) Tap into the past- it’s ok to wear clothes from last season, or even from decades ago!!!