Stand by your man (wearing powder blue and pearls).

spitzer.jpg nn_costel_mcgreevey_040812_300w.jpg

 If any of you live in New York (or for those of you who don't and are CNN obsessed) you know our Governor had to fess up to a pretty sordid act involving hookers. Ew.

 I don't usually write about politics and fashion BUT I thought it was an interesting point Richard Blakely made on Boinkology regarding the outfits Dina Matos McGreevey AND Silda Wall Spitzer had on when their husbands (on two separate occasions) admitted to cheating on national television. Strangely, both women were wearing powder blue suit jackets with pearls!!! Apparently light blue is disarming!! And check out what Jim McGreevey and Eliot Spitzer were wearing- it's pretty much the exact same outfit!! I wonder if they "discussed prior" to Spitzer going on television. Just sayin'...