One of the numerous things I did this fashion week.

huffington_post_logo.jpg The totally awesome Jacqueline Colette Prosper wanted to get my take on fashion week. To see the entire interview click here. This is my bit: 

 You're So Pretty When You are Faithful to Me: Fashion Week

Hitha Prabhakar, fashion and retail expert via e-mail.

1) What was your favorite show so far?

My favorite show was J. Mendel. I loved it because he [Giles] stayed true to form. Everything was tasteful, luxurious and looked like it was made for some totally wealthy woman who hits galas and red carpets every night. It was almost like he was saying, "Recession? What recession?" through his collection. It was fantasy, fantastic and having the show in the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza made his point resonate that much more. Just brilliant.

2) At Tracy Reese, I saw one model trip twice, what was the worst foot fumble you saw this week?

Hmm. I guess the worst foot fumble I saw this week was at the BCBG runway show on Friday but it wasn't by a model. This woman tripped over my friends umbrella while trying to get to her seat and fell flat on her perfectly made up face. Then she proceeded to yell at my friend. I get that she was embarrassed but was it necessary to yell? I mean, c'mon!

3) What was the worst item received in a gift bag this week?

Oh man. The worst item I recieved in a gift bag were those damn "Sweetriot" dark chocolate nibs! I hate those things!! They taste bad and the are just annoying!!