Today on Fox Business: retail sales and the holiday weekend.

Happy MLK day!! I'm going on Fox Business today at around 2ish to talk about if door buster sales and major mark downs on weekends like this one as well as President's Day will effect over all retail sales. The short answer is: No. When you are about to be in a recession, the last thing on your mind is buying a flat screen that's on a 75 percent mark down!! Instead, you are going to stock up on things like canned food, gas and band aids ( I get major blisters from my Prada sandals in the summer)!! Also, the retailers like Target, Macys J.C. Penny and The Gap Inc. are in a pickle right now. They have huge inventories they need to move and no one to purchase them. So- even if they offer some serious discounts to their merch, it's not going to really have a huge effect on their profit margins. I realize no one can predict the future, but I wonder if retailers looked at sub-prime debacle more carefully and took that into consideration when stocking their shelves full of luxury goods, the retail industry would be in better shape. My prediction: everyone is going to start looking abroad because (as much as it breaks my heart to say this) America is just not where it is at right now. Sad.