Finally, Liz Claiborne Inc. does something right!

Fashion Week Daily reports Liz Claiborne Inc., has tapped John Bartlett as the designer of Claiborne men's sportswear line, and Isaac Mizrahi as the creative director of its flagship brand. All I have to say is: YAY. John Bartlett and I met while I was on a panel about trends and stayed in touch ever since. This man is INCREDIBLY talented and brilliant. I've only met Isaac once, but I love his line at Target. In fact, when my sister needed clothes for her internship last summer, 80% of her wardrobe was Isaac Mizrahi for Target. He must be doing something right- I would never put my baby sister in something I thought was fugly!!  The point is- new talent is VERY important for these old classic brands. IF we really want to see a turn around in retail, let's get some of that talent (new and old) out there!!