Hitha earrings.

jemma-lulu.jpg (OK this is not a Jemma Lulu "Hitha" bracelet, but I still love it!!)  

You've heard of purchasing and naming a star, tree even an island after a loved one, but what about a pair of earrings, a bracelet or necklace?? Jemma Lulu, NYC accessory designer will help you do just that.  Gina Lu (the person behind Jemma Lulu) will have a lengthy conversation with you about the apple of your eye, asking all kinds of questions about what they look like, their interests, hopes and dreams (just kidding about the hopes and dreams part). Next she goes to work creating a piece that reflect the person. Talk about a totally personalized gift!! Three years ago, Lu created a pair of "Hitha earrings" for me made with peridot and citrine stones and they are SO GORGEOUS. I went to check out some of Lu's new spring collection today (come February, all of her designs will be done in precious metals and stones- that's right- bling baby!) and everything was exquisite. Until then, you can check out her semi-precious collections at www.jemmalulu.com.