Holiday gift giving.

My sister Shawna just sent me this card with a message that says, "The economy sucks, let's be practical." Love it. I actually made her and my other sister something for the holidays so does that mean SHE has to make me something too?  (PS, My God given talent is picking out the best gifts EVER for people even if it has to be DYI, so if you have questions, e-mail me!!)

It's that time of the month...

...when I get ready to analyze monthly retail sales numbers on Fox Business!! If you are near a TV, tune in between 1- 2pm. I really don't expect the consumer to have spent very much of anything in July, but I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the numbers tomorrow.

Recession special.

recession-special.jpg  Last Thursday I went on Fox Business to talk about the dismal retail sales numbers and the midst of my conversation with the lovely Liz Claman and awesome David Asman, I said the "R" word. All day, people were speculated that we might be on the brink of one, danced around the topic, insinuated we may be heading toward that direction, but from what my research told me, I felt I had to call a spade and spade. And so I just said it. 

During times like these, the last thing anyone wants to do is admit that we are in fact, headed straight towards a crap economy, but when economic indicators like retail sales start to slow, and the amount of available jobs are next to nothing, there IS definitely something negative happening. So I will say it again people-we are on the brink of a recession!! Hunker down- it's unfortunately on the way!!