Jennifer Hudson

Sex and the City: the business that keeps on giving.


It's back. No, I'm not referring to my creepy ex boyfriend,  I am talking about the Sex and the City juggernut manifesting itself in the second instalment of the movie, Sex and the City 2.  A part from the welcomed spot light the movie has put on the fashion industry, the brand itself has generated millions of dollars for industries a lot less glamourous like tech, travel, beverages, automobiles, heck even internet web sites (Rent-a-bag web site Bag, Borrow, Steal got a significant lift in biz when Jennifer Hudson proclaimed her Louis Vuitton was NOT owned but RENTED). Vanity Fair created an extensive and complete list of product placement goers from the first movie, which included designer names like Dior, Ferragamo, DvF, and Hermes, techie names such as Apple, iPhone, Dell and Sprint and in the "Sips and Snacks" department, Starbucks, Pelligrino, Pret-a-Manger and Cup of Noodles, all to tune of $100 million and this isn't including the total worldwide film and DVD gross which tops close $420 million.

New Line Cinema hasn't confirmed the tie in deal they had with Apple for the last movie is officially severed,  but from the looks of it Hewlett Packard is stepping up with brand extension insanity (private screenings for bloggers to SJP with her own HP ad and who knows what's to come in the movie since I haven't seen it), as well as Mercedes Benz and probably an airline company given the foursome are traveling to Abu Dhabi by way of Morocco. And how much has HBO made from the "Sex and the City" frenzy? While they wouldn't disclose the exact figure, HBO claims they have made "hundreds of millions of dollars" from the subscribers garnered from the show, to DVD sales and the sale of  syndication rights to TBS for $750,000 per episode. And let's not forget the SATC Martini Shaker for $29.99. the "Miranda" Martini Glass for $14.99 or the SATC garment bag  for $29.99 that are selling out in the NYC store and online.  You hear that sound? That would be Candace Bushnell hitting her head against the wall (cosmo in hand) for selling the rights to SATC to HBO for a mere six figures in the early 90s. Hindsight's always 20/20, peeps.

Neil Lane was all over the red carpet.

Celebrity  jeweler Neil Lane adorned a lot more than just three amazing celebs this past Sunday. In total, his jewels were on 18 stars!! Here is the complete list: Julie Christie, fashion icon and nominee dazzled in a customized stunning pink scarab necklace to go with her coral red dress.  Crafted by the one and only Neil Lane, this very valuable and standout necklace is a symbol of long life and has 31 iridescent individual scarab gems, and was worn with matching earrings made with gems, and set in 18 carat gold.Tween golden girl and presenter Miley Cyrus graced the Golden Globes in stunning Neil Lane garnet, diamond and gold drop earrings and Neil Lane gold and garnet ring.Presenter Jennifer Hudson donned a $2 million Neil Lane look.  The glam goddess wore a large wide diamond and platinum bracelet, a large white diamond and platinum cocktail bubble ring, long diamond and platinum chandelier Neil Lane earrings and a gorgeous diamond and platinum floral hair pin.

Diva Diane Lane wore Neil Lane’s white diamond and platinum stunning statement ring.

Producer Meghan O’Hara wore Neil Lane’s diamond and platinum stackable bracelets and Neil Lane signature diamond and platinum earrings.

E!’s host with the most Kat Sandler set the stage for style in Neil Lane’s famed darkened diamond and platinum ball bracelets and fabulous Neil Lane darkened diamond and platinum ball drop earrings.

Maya Rudolph’s Neil Lane baubles were as stand-out as her dress.  The actress wore diamond and platinum earrings and stackable diamond and platinum set Neil Lane bangles

Johnny Depp wore a set of Neil Lane’s gentleman cufflinks in rough diamonds and platinum.  

Daniel Day Lewis’ lovely wife Rebecca Miller wore vintage Neil Lane diamond and darkened platinum chandelier earrings and a beautiful Neil Lane diamond and platinum cocktail ring.

Summer Phoenix wore Neil Lane’s diamond and platinum dress clips, along with Neil Lane’s diamond and platinum stackable arm candy- bracelets and rings.

Lisa Rinna looked timeless in a fabulous pair of Neil Lane white diamond and platinum earrings, a white diamond and platinum wide bracelet and a Neil Lane diamond and platinum ring.

Samantha Harris wore incredible Neil Lane diamond and platinum bracelets, Neil Lane drop earrings and a Neil Lane diamond and platinum necklace.

Michelle Tuzee looked fabulous in diamond and platinum Neil Lane chandelier earrings, a diamond and platinum Neil Lane bracelet, and a Neil Lane statement ring.

Amanda Goldberg wore fabulous Neil Lane white and black diamond earrings.

It's Oscar time!!

jennifer-hudson-avon.jpg And THANK GOD I am not in LA covering it. I did talk to my favorite celebrity jeweler Neil Lane about what to expect coming down the red carpet. This is what he had to say:

What we are going to see: "It's all about the 'power jewel' this season" says Lane. You are going to see people one really great, iconic piece as opposed to over layering."

On the value of having celebrities wear his jewels: "Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Drew Barrymore are the prettiest women in the world, so when they wear your jewels, you are going to see an increase in sales. One year Gwyneth Paltrow wore a McQueen dress with a black diamond necklace. The whole look was very dark and smoldering. Right after she was on the red carpet, I had a client from Indiana asking to buy that exact piece!"

Neil Lane will be adorning Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Julie Christie and Reese Witherspoon (for the parties) in his fabulous jewels!!