Skinny, Bitch!

There have been so many people that have tried to tell me how to eat. I'm not sure why, but my usual breakfast of Baked Lays and Diet Coke, a cookie for lunch and Serafina take out for dinner offended  people. Anyway, MANY have tried to get me to change and all have been unsuccessful. Then this little book called "Skinny Bitch"  came along. My lovely neighbor gave it to me after I went to LA for the weekend and promised me it would change my life.  And you know what? She was right! 

Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin weren't saying anything I hadn't heard before in their book. In fact, they sounded just like everyone else in my life for the most part. What resonated with me was their message, "you are what you eat."  Five simple words. When I read that I thought about all the junky bags of chips (even if they were "fat free"), the syrupy drinks, the dyes, the alcohol, the processed flour, the TEN THOUSAND chemicals I put in my body just from what I eat alone not even counting all the other crap that infiltrates my body from living in NYC, and I FREAKED OUT.  Did I want to be a glowy pretty person on the inside out or just a wannabe pretty person? Did I want the rolls of fat around my ass, hips and tummy to stay put and gather momentum or did I want my skinny mini body back? I realized I was trying to cover up all the damage I was doing to my self on the inside by wearing cute outfits and throwing on a ton of makeup! I actually thought I had hit an age where I needed to wear makeup to cover up the lines on my face!! I thought A- line dresses were totally cute and therefore acceptible to wear every damn day. Sometimes OVER jeans. Ha! Who was I kidding?  I just needed to be better to my body!

For those who want a life transformation in a good way pick up this book and read it. Like, now. My diet overhaul WAS NOT EASY.  It was frustrating not having my morning coffee, or just eating fruit for breakfast. And my little sister can attest to my total bitchiness as my body withdrew from caffine, sugar, asparatame, refined flour, dairy and meat (apologies Sonj!) but OMG do I feel better and LOOK better. And yes I did lose weight- about 6 lbs. which for me is a lot!

What I also loved about my neighbor's tactic is that she didn't try to force anything on me. Like my two best friends in LA, she led by example with the healthy lifestyle. So peeps, if I see you out I promise I won't preach the gospel of "Skinny Bitch" in an annoying way. BUT if you are wondering why I am suddenly happier, glowy-er, skinnier, svelter, over all looking BETTER, I will for sure divulge all the deets of my little skinny bitch journey!