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Lia Sophia's over the top take on jewelry.

Why is it that Lia Sophia NEVER comes out with a bad collection?? Jen and I went to the launch party of Lia Sophia's spring collection at the Rose Club (different than the Rose Bar- Rose Club is located at the Plaza Hotel/condos/building on 59th street) right after I got back from Switzerland and it. was. RIDICULOUS. Dani Stahl and Elena Kiam never cease to amaze me. Here were some of my favorite pieces:

I like all of these earrings, but I REALLY love the gold with the black squares. They are so overtly "big Texan cheese" I started giggling thinking of some oil wife rockin' them at a Republican cocktail party. H-O-T.

YESSS this necklace rules!! But wearing it with just a black dress seems too plain and obvious.  I would rock it with a deep red silk dupioni dress from Calypso.

Another OTT Texas size necklace. Hello-awesome!