Diane von Furstenberg

Another reason why I love Diane von Furstenberg.

dvf2.jpg It has nothing to do with her wrap dresses, prints, her ability to revive her brand. It also has nothing to do with her willingness to make time for and do ANY interview with me, or the MAJOR influence she has had on my career as a journalist (for those of you that don't know the story, I will tell you another time.) I love DvF because I just read in Women's Wear Daily she is contemplating writing a book about her late mother, a survivor of three concentration camps. von Furstenberg got the idea after she came across a note written on a piece of cardboard her mom wrote when she was first arrested. Her mom had thrown it on the street with instructions to deliver it to her parents. "It read, (said von Furstenberg to a crowd at her Manhattan studio) ' I don't know where I am going, but I want you to know I am leaving with a smile."

Now that put everything in perspective, doesn't it?

Things I didn't do yesterday.

dvf.jpg The DvF coat I should have bought yesterday. Boo.

1) I didn't hit the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale. I think today is the last day.

2) Call my best friend Heather in Spain.

3) Call my best friend Natalie in San Francisco.

4) Work on my Zink story for March.

I HATE not crossing things off my list...