John Varvatos

MB Fashion Week: party hopping

Champagne It's impossible for me to talk about fashion week with out talking about the parties. Years ago fashion week = an excuse to stay out until 4am seven nights a week. Now I'm lucky if I can make it to 10 pm without passing out! My two fav. galas are pictured here: the opening party for Richard Hambleton sponsored by Armani and the "Free the Noise" John Varvatos party. Way fun. Too much champers.

Armani Party

A picture of the amazing installation at the gallery. Dramatic. Shocking. Riveting.

Armani party 2

The night started out of course with a glass of champagne.

CBGB party

The wall at CBGBs. When I was 12 years old I dreamed of going to CBGBs and listening to the NY Dolls perform. Funny I am now attending fashion parties there and rolling with Perry Ferrel.

Hitha Sarah Mary and Coyle

Look who I found at the party! Sarah Mary and Coyle from Your Vegas!

The Bowery: NYC's new retail space.

(Perry Ferrel, John Varvatos and Slash)

(Joan Jett- she still looks and sounds AMAZING)

I'm sure you've been hearing the buzz. The Bowery, the street once known for the best place to score a $25 hooker and a bag of blow is now home to some of the coolest designer stores on the planet- and peeps aren't so excited about it.  Just last month John Varvatos hosted an opening party at the old CBGBs- but here's the thing- that's actually their space now. For those die hard music fans, that bit of news was hard to swallow. I mean, how can the home of punk music and New York's underground be a place where $400 cashmere sweaters are being sold?? Varvatos DID do a good job preserving the original facade, so I'm not so offended by it (in fact I love it),  but would love to hear you all think...