The State of the Union: WWMW (what will Michelle wear)?

(photo credit: Vogue)

In addition to jobs, the economy, homeland security and housing set to be on the agenda for this evening's "The State of the Union" address, there is another topic everyone is buzzing about; and it doesn't have to do with policy.

Instead, it has to do with Michelle Obama's sartorial choices which to some people, are just as important as the message the President plans on delivering tonight. In her most recent controversial appearance the first lady appeared clad in a red Alexander McQueen gown at a state dinner thrown for the People's Republic of China president, Hu Jintao- a seemingly good choice until critics accused her of being a communist sympathizer (wearing the color red when greeting the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China is apparently a no-no) as well as being un- American for not wearing an domestically based designer (looking at you Oscar de la Renta).

Tonight's choice is anyone's guess. I am pretty vocal about how I do not think our first lady is a style star, but to keep the nuetrality and patriotism I would love to see her come full circle and wear a purple (a non- partisan color) Jason Wu or Michael Kors (because they represent America much more than Oscar de la Renta) sheath.

P.S., now might be a good time to plug my friend's book, "Power Dressing: First Ladies, Women Politicians and Fashion" available for pre- order on Amazon. I LOVE books like these- it takes an atypical/intellectual/political look at fashion and Robb got Pamela Golbin, curator in chief at the Musee de la Mode et du Textile of the Louvre in Paris to write the forward. SO great!