It's marathon time.

And Joy, one of my closest friends is running it. Joy and I used to run in the park years ago-probably around the same time that vintage Halloween picture was taken.  Joy hated to run, but she was competing for her Golden Gloves and had to do it as part of her training. I would say things like, "If you catch up to me, you can beat me up" (Yeah... if you are wondering, she never got to lay a punch on moi!) to motivate her to get past mile 3.  Now, she's running 26.2 miles and I'm on my way to meet her at mile 20. I ran the NYC marathon six years ago- it changed my life in so many ways I can't even begin to list here.  My friend who once hated to run is about to have the same experience INCLUDING going over the 59th street bridge and having all of New York cheer as she hits 1st Ave.! I am SO proud of her!