Pictures from Paris.

I can't belive it has taken me this long to upload my photos from my trip almost four months ago. My life changed almost instantly after I came back. I'm not sure if it was the much needed perspective on life I got, or if it was who I went with (SM and I became close friends after that trip) or just realizing the world is bigger than NYC but it marked an important transition in the "summer of Hitha."

This is a picture of the Hotel de Crillon. SM and I started out at the Plaza Athenee and then switched over here on Saturday. We shared the room, so we nicknamed this portion of the trip "Camp Crillion."

"Camp Crillion." Notice how close our beds were. SM and I totally felt like we were in camp. Hence, the name.

I always judge a hotel room by the bathroom, and ours did not dissapoint.  Annick Goutal did a line of Mardragore soaps, lotions, etc. specifically for the Crillion. And p.s., Mandragore is my signature scent! I was SO psyched!!

SM and I took a TON of long walk and talks in Paris. This buidling was on the way to one of our favorite restaurants, L'Avenue, which was down the street from the Plaza Athenee on Avenue Montaigne. This day and this walk in particular is on my list of top ten most amazing days ever. I've been thinking about it a lot especially in the last two weeks from hell.

More pictures from our walk and talk on our way to Ave. Montaigne.

OK, this is not the BEST picture of the Eiffel Tower, but at least I took it!!