Get your fash-on.

Amidst all of FashionRocks insanity, I almost forgot about fashion week. Just kidding! But seriously folks, it definitely feels like fashion week started days ago when really today was the first day. Since I was caught up making sure the Pussy Cat Dolls looked fantastic down the red carpet, Emma graciously went to Erin Fetherston for me. This is what she had to say: "Even though I was sitting behind a man with a straw fedora at the Erin Fetherston show, I still got glimpses of each outfit that was coming down the runway...hits of lime, lavender, sequins and gathered ivory skirts that looked like whip cream. I was sort of dissapointed that the man in the fedora didn't block my whole view. The collection was called, "East of the Sun and West of the Moon." It SHOULD have been called "25 going on 5." Though Fetherston is known for her designs as being feminine to the max, her Spring 2009 collection looked like it was taken from a 5 year old's closet and made into a woman's size 0.

The final dress was called "Sunset Ombre Flowing Cloud Gown" - and it looked exactly like that... but what's next? A model riding a unicorn down the runway or butterflies and bubbles flying out to the photographers at the end of catwalk? My wish to Fetherston is that she'd keep her femininity because that is what she is known for, but mature the collection so it would relate better to her audience."

Whoa Emma. Harsh but in a great way! If you were at the show, what do you YOU think??