Shia LaBeouf, 22, is an invincible action hero onscreen, but the Indiana Jones star was anything but when his Ford pickup hit another vehicle and flipped over at 2:30 a.m. on July 27, after a night of partying in Los Angeles. "One car was smoking, and the other was upside down," says an eyewitness. After the actor was booked for a misdemeanor DUI, LaBeouf--who last year said, "I feel like my childhood was kind of lost," due to a drug-addict dad--was taken to a hospital for hand surgery. (His passenger was Transformers sequel costar Isabel Lucas, 23, who is fine.) The accident is his second highly publicized alcohol-related episode in a year and sidelines him from Transformers for up to a month. How will this affect LaBeouf's rising star? "There may be a big role he's up for that they'll think twice about," says a Hollywood insider. "But as far as the end of his career goes, he's a long way from that."

Lindsay & Sam


While friends of Lindsay Lohan, 22, credit Samantha Ronson, 31, for being a calming influence, all was not calm between them on July 25 at New York City's Beatrice Inn, where the couple engaged in a screaming match, says an eyewitness. "Lindsay [then] sat alone at the bar crying," says the clubgoer, adding "Sam stormed upstairs" after the fight. A friend of Lohan's downplays the spat: "They brawled, but it's in the past." As for reports that Lohan was hospitalized after being sideswiped by a motorcycle later that same evening, her rep says "she was not at the hospital." The next day the couple appeared to have made up: Ronson was overheard at the Bowery Hotel debating with Lohan if she should visit her mother or stick around. Ronson responded, "I'd rather hang out with you."


While Sienna Miller, 26, and Balthazar Getty, 33 (left), took their PDA-fest to N.Y.C. (she sat on his lap at Beatrice Inn), his wife, Rosetta, 38, was back in L.A. "staying strong for her family," says a pal. "She's extremely hurt, but doing the best she can."



Heath Ledger's ex, 27, has been spotted with Jonze, 38 (who produced her next film, Synecdoche, New York), at a Brooklyn deli, where "he had his arm around her and kissed her on the cheeks, then on the lips," says a source. Jonze, the ex-husband of Sofia Coppola, was also spotted with Williams near his Manhattan loft. Reps had no comment.


Lance Armstrong is hinting he's eyeing a run at political office. "There might come a time when you feel like you've reached a wall and you need to step into public office and try to make change through that channel or those ends," Armstrong, 36, told reporters at July 24's Livestrong Summit in Ohio. The cyclist's girlfriend, Kate Hudson, didn't appear at the event, but Sen. John McCain was there. Still, Armstrong remained coy about which presidential candidate would make the best exercise partner. "Probably best just to do a little triathlon," said Armstrong. "You know, we could hike one day with Senator McCain, play basketball one day with Senator Obama. And then the other day they have to go ride with me, and then we'll figure it out."

Jen Aniston & John Mayer


Jennifer Aniston, 39, and John Mayer, 30, are easing into their courtship with double dates and widespread approval of the union from friends. "John and Jen are madly in love," says a Mayer pal. "They're only getting closer. John's never been like this with a woman before." On July 24 the pair hosted Aniston's costar from The Break-Up Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka, at L.A.'s Sunset Tower Hotel for a double date. "Everyone loves Jen and loves the two of them together," says the friend. "They complement each other."


Cameron Diaz, 35, and British model--a.k.a. Aniston's ex--Paul Sculfor, 37, may be flying under the radar, but the couple remain an item. They had a late night with pals including Benicio Del Toro at L.A.'s Four Seasons Hotel July 23. "Cameron looked great," says an eyewitness.



Ashley Tisdale's


Wonder if the "Happy Birthday" sung to Ashley Tisdale at her party will make the High School Musical 3 soundtrack? The majority of her cast members were there to sing it to her! Zac Efron (who provided "cha-cha-chas" during the song), Vanessa Hudgens, KayCee Stroh and Olesya Rulin joined Tisdale (who turned 23) and boyfriend Jared Murillo at Malibu's DKNY Jeans Beach House. "This is the party I've always wanted!" she gushed to guests, who ate chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting before changing into swimsuits to ride the waterslide. "She's one of the nicest girls I've ever met," Efron gushed back. "She's sweeter than this cupcake."


7/21, N.Y.C.: Patrick Dempsey raved about his 18-month-old twin boys at Avon's Unscripted fragrance launch: "They make me laugh all the time." * 7/24, San Diego: RocknRolla costars Guy Ritchie and Ludacris chilled in the Hard Rock Hotel's Comic-Con Green Room. * 7/25, San Diego: Newly single Justin Long stuck close to pals at Maxim's Pineapple Express party. * 7/25, L.A.: Kate Beckinsale turned 35 with Moët & Chandon and the Beckhams at her BondSt bash. * 7/26, San Diego: Matthew Fox and Masi Oka got chummy at the Entertainment Weekly/Sci-Fi Comic-Con party at Hotel Solamar.


Despite the 2-9 on her olive-shaped birthday cake (she plays Olive on Pushing Daisies), Chenoweth actually turned the big 4-0 at a private home in Los Angeles. Famous pals--including Winona Ryder, John Stamos (left), Molly Shannon and writer/producer/ex-boyfriend Aaron Sorkin--toasted the choked-up actress, lauding all her accomplishments at such a young age.


The Step Brothers star talks about the joys and perils of brotherhood, fatherhood and never acting your age


In Step Brothers, you and your onscreen step-sibling John C. Reilly get into some pretty violent fights. Were they difficult to choreograph?

Not at all. It was just "I'll land on you, then you land on me, and let's try not to break each other's ribs!" We were so beat up, we couldn't wait for scenes with dialogue.

Did you fight that viciously with your own brother Patrick?

Our fights were typically one or two punches and then someone cries and it's over. I remember once we were playing catch, wearing plastic batting helmets that you get at the ballpark. I got really mad because he kept dropping the ball. I hawked it at him as hard as I could, and the helmet just exploded. I could have killed him!

Now you're the father of brothers: Magnus, 4, and Mattias, 18 months. Are they keeping up the family tradition?

Well, the sharing thing is the big hurdle for us right now. The little one will start playing with a toy that the big one hadn't touched in like a year, and the big one will just wrench it out of his hands.

Like your character, did you live at home longer than you should have?

After college I lived at home for three years. It was about not having a job and having a very cool mom.

In the film, you sport a pair of prosthetic testicles. Did you keep them?

I have them. They were my wrap gift from the movie. They cost about $25,000, so they were probably the most expensive testicles ever on film. We had a dinner party for my wife's birthday in April, and I brought them out to show everyone. They became a big topic of discussion.