My Bad.

IT takes a big person to admit they were wrong, but I'm here to tell you just that- I was wrong. In the Neil Lane Oscar post, I mentioned Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson and Sarah Polly were both wearing Neil Lane on the red carpet and it has come to my attention that wasn't true. They were in fact wearing Fred Leighton, another highly esteemed, incredibly talented celebrity jeweler. I trusted I was getting the correct information from a VERY reliable source about Neil Lane, I wrote about it and unfortunately it wasn't right.  Here is the comment that alerted me to my mistake:   From: [Redacted] |

Sarah Polley was not wearing Neil Lane at the Oscars 2008. She was wearing Fred Leighton’s rose-cut diamond and sapphire pendant earrings, rose-cut diamond bracelet, 1940’s carved sapphire and ruby ring, and rose-cut diamond band. She was entirely in Fred Leighton’s jewels. This is confirmed. Also Dwayne Johnson was in Fred Leighton’s diamond and black enamel cufflinks and stud buttons. This is confirmed. Kindly correct the information on your site.

Thanks in advance for changing this -it’s important to be a reliable source of information.

 I agree- it is VERY important to be a reliable source of information and I completely appreciate the heads up and comment!